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Why Choose Verutus?


We believe that there are no such things as "Bronze, Silver or Gold" levels of compliance - a standard is a standard for a reason and we understand that when we develop our documentation to help our customers have evidence of due care and due diligence for their compliance needs.


Our business model leverages US-based staff to provide 100% remote consulting through email, phone and screen sharing (WebEx). This model saves our clients time and money, since it reduces the coordination and expense associated with multiple on-site visits. When it comes to documentation, that can be efficiently reviewed and developed off-site at a fraction of the time and cost as compared to being on-site.

We have a specialization in Governance, Risk, Compliance & Privacy consulting where we focus on building secure processes and documentation. We design our services to enhance your existing team, not replacing them.


We've been doing this since 2005. In that time, we've served clients across nearly every industry and size, both domestically and internationally. Our clients range from well-known Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses, both within the US and abroad. We've proved time and again that our cybersecurity documentation is flexible enough to work in any organization and can scale accordingly. 


Consultants with Fortune 500 experience at affordable rates. We know what right looks like and our broad professional backgrounds bring value to our customers.

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